From the ashes of a shattered universe, a young woman's quest for salvation sparks a journey of intrigue, danger, and discovery.

  • In a future where Earth's resources were depleted, humanity embarked on The Great Colonization, expanding to other planets. The rise of mining corporations led to conflicts and the emergence of space piracy. A wealthy magnate discovered a powerful energy source, leading to the construction of the Navi Mondo, enormous fortified and self-sustaining cities in space, and the formation of the Free Federation of Worlds. Centuries passed, and the population was pushed to abandon planets, living only on the Navi Mondo. However, genetically engineered biominers mutated and posed a threat. With resources nearing exhaustion, the Free Federation planned to migrate using Hyperspace Leap technology. The colonizing ships Victrix and X Gemina encountered a gravitational anomaly, causing a breach. Chaos ensued as resources depleted, wars resumed, and the political system collapsed. Alya De Shars sought to steal a power source to launch a secret ship and start anew. This sets the stage for a story of humanity's struggle, the rise and fall of an empire, and the hope for a fresh beginning beyond the Solar System.
  • A stellar soundtrack. We asked Alberto Selvaggi to read Era One's lore and compose based solely on his inspiration and years of passion for music and piano. The result is a unique and emotionally touching soundtrack that will accompany us throughout the story, adding depth and making everything deeply engaging.


The player can construct their own base using a set of assembly modules, with no limit to shape or size.

  • Extensive Base Customization: Era One offers a wide range of options for base construction and customization. Players can design and build their bases from scratch, choosing the layout, structures, and aesthetics that suit their playstyle.
  • Resource Management: Building and maintaining a base requires effective resource management. Players must gather and manage resources such as raw materials, energy sources, and workforce to construct and upgrade their bases. Proper allocation of resources is essential for the growth and sustainability of the base, ensuring its survival in the game world.
  • Defensive Structures and Strategies: Bases in Era One must be fortified against external threats. Players can construct defensive structures such as turrets, and traps to protect their bases from enemy attacks. Choosing the right defensive strategy, positioning defenses strategically, and upgrading them over time are crucial aspects of base building in the game.
  • Research and Technological Advancement: As players progress in Era One, they can unlock and research new technologies to enhance their base-building capabilities. Advancements in areas such as construction techniques, resource extraction, and defensive systems provide players with additional options for base expansion and fortification.


Players can build their starships according to their preferences

  • Vast Ship Customization Options: Era One offers a wide array of ship customization options, allowing players to design and personalize their vessels. Players can choose from different ship types, sizes, and aesthetics, customizing various aspects such as hull design, paint schemes, and exterior decorations. This level of customization allows players to create unique and visually distinct ships that reflect their individual style.
  • Modular Ship Components: Ships in Era One are built using modular components, offering players the flexibility to tailor their ships for specific roles and functions. Players can select and install various modules, such as propulsion systems, weapon systems, cargo holds, and utility modules, based on their playstyle and objectives. The modular nature of ship components enables players to experiment with different configurations and optimize their ships for exploration, combat, trading, or other specialized tasks.
  • Upgradeable Ship Systems: As players progress in the game, they can acquire new technologies and upgrade ship systems to enhance their performance. Upgradable systems can include engines for increased speed, shields for improved defense, weapons for enhanced firepower, and scanners for better exploration capabilities.


Players directly enter into battle, deciding attack tactics, formations, and unit behavior

  • Intense Space Combat: Era One offers thrilling and intense ship-to-ship battles in a vast and immersive space setting. Players can engage in dynamic combat scenarios, including dogfights, tactical fleet battles, and strategic encounters with enemy vessels. The game provides a variety of combat mechanics, such as manual piloting, attack styles, and battle formations, to ensure engaging battles.
  • Diverse Arsenal of Weapons: Players have access to a diverse arsenal of weapons to outfit their ships for combat. Era One features a range of weapons, including energy-based cannons, projectile-based missiles, laser beams, and more. Each weapon type may have its own strengths, weaknesses, and tactical uses, providing players with strategic choices for ship loadouts and combat styles.
  • Tactical Maneuvering and Positioning: Ship battles in Era One emphasize tactical maneuvering and positioning. Players must make strategic decisions regarding their ship's movement, approach, and defensive measures to gain an advantage over their opponents.
  • Ship Upgrades and Customization for Combat: Era One allows players to customize and upgrade their ships specifically for combat. Players can enhance their ships' offensive and defensive capabilities by installing better weapons, upgrading shields and armor, and improving maneuverability. The ability to tailor ship components, systems, and loadouts for combat ensures that players can optimize their ships to suit their preferred combat strategies and playstyles.
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