ERA ONE - Total Customization of Starships

Era One is a space-themed game developed by Complex Team LTD. Combining innovation, customization, and epic space battles, Era One offers a unique gaming experience. Players can customize their own ships using assembly modules, construct stations, warships, bases, and even cities in space. The game seamlessly blends real-time strategy (RTS) and base building elements, providing players with the opportunity to engage in intense battles between space fleets.

A testament to the passion and dedication of its developers

Era One is developed by the creators of the legendary and acclaimed Complex mod for Homeworld, who are veterans and enthusiasts of epic space battles.

Total customization

Era One offers a wide range of customization options for starships.
Players can shape and tailor their ships according to their preferences, allowing them to create a unique and personalized gaming experience.

Epic Space Battles

Players can engage in spectacular and immersive conflicts, testing their strategic and tactical skills in deep space combat by utilizing advanced fleet formations and tactics.


Shape and size are no longer constraints.

  • Build bases to your heart's content by assembling construction modules.
  • Manage a fleet of combat ships and customize their equipment.
  • The battle system features adaptable formations and attack styles for every situation.
  • There are different game modes available: you can experience the campaign, battle against advanced AI opponents, or challenge other players in multiplayer matches.


Take command of the Era One and guide the Princess De Stars beyond the solar system.

  • An engaging campaign is available and playable from the first release, with further development planned for episodic content.
  • Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring soundtrack, carefully crafted for each episode, that will accompany you on your adventure and evoke powerful emotions.


Era One

Project start-up and planning.


March 2022


The kickstarter campaign is successful, journey begins.

May 2022

Team Complex

The team complex is founded, the company through which the project will be developed.


June 2023

Web sites on-line

The new Era One website is live, as is the new website for Team Complex.

July 2023

First look

A first video is published, showcasing the game enviroment and a first taste of the gameplay.

September 2023

Era One on Steam

Era One Steam page finally completed! The project can now be joined and the wishlist starts to grow.

October 2023

Dev build 3

Internal development build, available to backers.


March 2024

Dev build 4

Internal development build, available to backers.

May 2024

Development update

The development update video is released, showcasing working and in-progress features.

July 2024

Dev build 5

Internal development build, available to backers.

August 2024

Pre-release trailer

Era One Official Trailer: Unveiling core gameplay mechanics and potential, with a Look at the early access release on Steam.

September 2024

Dev build 6

Internal development build, available to backers.

October 2024

Dev build 7, early access release

Era One available in early access on Steam, at a special price.
This release encompasses all the game's core features:
Base and warship construction.
Technological research and development.
Fleet construction and battle tactics, such as formations and attack styles.
Evolute AI opponents with different behaviors: defensive, balanced, aggressive.
Fully configurable game settings that allow for a wide range of gameplay experiences, from fast-paced skirmishes to strategic long-term matches.
Diverse Maps, ranging from small-scale to vast battlefields.
Alternative game modes beyond deathmatch, including enemy waves, resource survival, and sandbox.

December 2024

Dev build 8

Implementation of procedural map generation system.
Extra content, such as new modules, features, and mechanics, based on players feedback from the early access release.
Pirates as a playable race.


March 2025

Dev build 9, multiplayer

Implementation of multiplayer mode, which requires a lot of development and testing time. It includes the possibility of playing in PvP and PvCPU on procedurally generated maps, in a totally customizable environment, up to a maximum of 10 players per game.

April 2025

Dev build 10, campaign

Episode one - the Era One starts.

July 2025

Dev build 11, campaign

Episode two - the Era One leaves the solar system and enters the unknown.

September 2025

final release

Episode three - the final battle, the new era begins.



Era One will be available in early access on Steam, in late 2024.

No sorry, pre-orders have been suspended, Era One will be available in early access on Steam, in late 2024.

There is a single-player campaign mode that will be developed in episodes following the game's releases. It is also possible to play multiplayer against the computer with classic deathmatch and base defense modes. Additionally, the game supports multiplayer for up to 10 players through a dedicated server.

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